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Giving Your Website Authority

In the highly competitive world of web design, authority is everything…

We all want to be an authority in our field. Whatever it is that we are selling or providing, we want to be the go-to person, company or resource. We want customers and clients to trust us enough to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

However, whilst it’s easy enough to identify what makes an authority, becoming an authority in your field is another matter altogether. As a London web design agency we’re constantly striving to be the very best website design company that we can be. We also work hard to help our clients get ahead in their field. In our business, it’s all about designing, building and improving authoritative websites.

If you’re looking to give your website authority, here are 5 areas for you to start thinking about:

1. Know Your Audience

You cannot be an authority until you have an outstanding knowledge of your audience. What questions are people asking? What information, skills or product do you have that they need? What would it take for them to choose you as their solution? Most importantly of all, what would it take for them to share a link to your website or recommend you to a friend or colleague?

When we’re talking about authority it is this foundational understanding which shapes everything else. Your web design, content, SEO & marketing strategies will all be shaped by identifying the solution that your audience are looking for and the best way to present this information for that reader.

2. Learn to Communicate Your Expertise

It might come as a surprise to hear that authority has less to do with the extent or your expertise and more to do with your capacity to share that knowledge in a simple, clear and helpful way. It really is all about the reader. Your website should meet and indeed surpass the expectations of visitors and quickly demonstrate that you can be a trusted authority.

3. Be Better than Your Competition

This is one of the strange elements of authority. It is always relative! You need to make sure that you are better and more helpful than your competitors. Furthermore, answering the questions that they are not will help show that you are an authority. The likes of Apple and Google are masters at this. They know exactly what they offer, and their websites are geared entirely around demonstrating this.

4. Devise a Successful SEO Strategy

If your website is going to be an authority, it will need to feature very, very prominently in searches. Plan your SEO strategy, identify your chosen keywords and keyword phrases and work tirelessly to reach an ever increasing audience with your message.

5. Have an Exceptional Website Design

Developing an authoritative website is closely linked with having an exceptional web design that helps you to communicate with your audience. If your website isn’t fast, functional, intuitively and attractively laid out and regularly updated with great content then it’s going to be very hard to persuade anybody that you should be trusted.

A website with authority needs a web design that builds trust and impress visitors.