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How to Get Your Website Ready for Christmas

With just over 6 weeks remaining until Christmas, it’s not just the consumers who are getting ready… Businesses are inevitably impacted by Christmas, whether through seasonal campaigns or simply adjusting to the impact that this time of year will have on your workforce.

We all know that Christmas provides us with a wide range of business and marketing opportunities. An important step for every business is identifying how to get your website ready for Christmas and making sure that you’re able to implement these steps.

1. Embracing Christmas and Winter Designs

A simple way to get your website ready for Christmas is to adopt and embrace Christmas and winter designs so that your website resonates with the season. This will help website visitors to warm to your business, just as they do to the national retailers who work so hard on their annual Christmas advertising.

There are several ways to go about this. You might want to use more winter-specific imagery that features snow, night cityscapes and decorative lights. An alternative is to embrace the Christmas theme and feature seasonal photography on your website.

Whether you’re going for the warmth of Christmas lights or the cold beauty of a snowy scene, changing the feel of your website over the winter months is a great – and easy – way to win customers and engage with your audience.

2. Prepare Your Customers for the Christmas Season

Christmas affects businesses in various ways, but there will be a change in customer service for most of us. If this is a busy time of year for your E-Commerce business, for example, it’s helpful to let your customers know the best way to use your services. A helpful example would be a reminder on your website that there will be certain deadlines that must be met in order to guarantee a Christmas delivery.

If you’re planning to shut down your business over the Christmas period then it’s wise to communicate this to your customers. It won’t be detrimental to let them know that you’ll be taking a hard-earned break; it will simply reassure your visitors that you are aware of their needs and dedicated to keeping them informed at all times.

3. Put Christmas Products/Deals Where They Can Be Found

Christmas offers a very natural opportunity for businesses to launch successful marketing campaigns. However, it’s important to think about your user-experience, navigation and landing pages to ensure that website visitors can find your seasonal news and offers.

This will usually involve tweaking your homepage, but depending on your business may require changes to be made to your product pages too.

If you’re offering professional services then it’s usually sufficient to give your blog and social media profiles a seasonal makeover.

4. Think About What Happens After Christmas!

In the lead-up to Christmas it’s easy to forget how quickly we move on once the turkey has been polished off and the post prandial nap has finished.

It’s important to plan ahead and work out how you’ll bring your website ‘back to normal’ once the new year and January sales kick in. If you don’t, all that hard work getting your website ready for Christmas will be wasted.