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Furniture Design Site

Where art meets web design, furniture company ClothierJones has incorporated a design system into its site, which allows customers to create their own furniture pieces from scratch. It was set up by two university graduates to provide a unique opportunity for the public.

Customers are able to choose the colour and design of their furniture, as well as many other aspects, so that it is completely tailored to them and whatever room they have. Now people no longer have to worry about not being able to find a piece of furniture that matches their tastes and existing room design. The opportunities are now endless.

It is soon to be launched in the UK, but the app is still undergoing some tweaking to make it perfect for release. It will be the first type of app on the market for a while and provides customers with the unique chance to build their own furniture and choose many factors, including the fabric, as well as colour. They believe it will help to change the market for the better and give consumers the chance to get that perfect piece of furniture, whether it is a desk, table, chair, sofa or cabinet. There are many different options to build upon.

Having a unique web idea can often cause a lot of publicity surrounding it, and, therefore, get the public on board, so it can have many different benefits. It is well worth thinking about it carefully and doing some market research to see if the idea is viable and if there is an existing need for it, as well as what other companies offer something similar.