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4 Free Online Tools to Help You Organise Your Business

Evernote Organise Your Business Online

Here at VizionOnline we are in the business of helping our clients to maximise their performance online through professional website design, branding digital marketing and various other online services. We help our clients to communicate more effectively to a broader audience in order to grow their business and achieve their goals.

This means that we spend most of our time working with clients to improve the quality of their web design, produce highly attractive branding, successfully engage with social media, generate website traffic and increase the conversion rate for site visitors.

We are also committed to helping our clients to improve every area of their online performance. One of the ways in which you can organise and administrate your business more successfully is through the use of free online tools. Whilst integrating a new piece of software or application can sometimes feel like more trouble than it’s worth, making the move now can help to make a positive and varied impact upon your organisation.

There are several reasons to consider using online tools to help you organise your business. Each of the 4 following tools has been developed to help solve a simple problem that we face on a daily business. In other words, they’re built for efficiency. These tools are designed to be very flexible, whether you’re a collaborative team looking to share information or a private individual concerned about security. Each is accessible on the go, whether you’re traveling, out of the office or simply trying to find information from at home.

Finally, by introducing these tools to your workplace you’ll be communicating to your employees that online performance matters to your organisation. You will increase the tech-literacy of your workforce and inspire them to find creative solutions to everyday workplace issues.


Evernote is a free note-taking software that allows you to organise your notes, images and documents in handy online notebooks. It auto-syncs to all your compatible devices, avoiding the frustration of losing information and enabling you to effortlessly store your thoughts, decisions and tasks.

There is a business version which enables you to access and edit collaborate notebooks, to-do-lists and documents.


We’ve written about Dropbox before, and it’s proving as useful and valuable as ever, despite strong competition from other data-storage providers.

Dropbox allows you to save and sync your files online, meaning that they are externally backed up and available to you on any computer or compatible device. It’s easy to share files with relevant groups and track the progress of your colleagues.

Google Drive

Strictly speaking, this is a suite of free tools provided by Google, all of which are backed up online and available across a wide range of devices. With documents, spreadsheets and a variety of collaborative options it’s a great way to keep your workforce connected.


It might be best known as a social phenomenon – bought by Facebook for $19 billion earlier this year – but the reason for WhatsApp’s success is that it allows you to text and picture message for free. If your business requires constant communication then this simple, fun app will help you to keep in touch with colleagues for free.