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For WordPress Mobile Website Design, Aesthetics are Key | VizionOnline

Everyone knows quality website design is important when it comes to launching any kind of website. However, aesthetics, in particular, are crucial when it comes to mobile website design. Here’s why that is.

Consumers Have Never Been More Design Savvy

The fact is that nowadays, after over a decade of mobile browsing, and with more and more services and businesses exploding online, consumers have adjusted.
Just look at online shopping. In years gone by, you’d never judge a shop by dated signage, or a weird layout of products. If they had what you were after, the price was right, and they were nearby, that was the shop for you.

Distance is no longer a factor, shop space storage is almost no longer a factor, and pricing is competitive online. That all comes together to mean that consumers are buying based on other factors.

When clicking between sites, comparison in terms of design, layout and overall aesthetics is inevitable, and this is especially true on a mobile device. Desktops are workhorses when it comes to getting stuff done. However, mobile interface design prioritises intuitive, smooth functional design above all else, and a poor mobile website design sticks out like a sore thumb.

All this comes together to create a situation where the consumer or browser holds all the power. As well as being increasingly savvy when it comes to the aesthetics of the site they’re perusing.

Quality Web Design Should Almost Be a Given

For any professional business, quality web design should almost be a given. Poorly designed sites not only look dated but also perform badly and are difficult to use. Every business needs a digital presence nowadays, and a basic, dated site simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

At the very minimum, your WordPress site should be designed to a certain level of quality and functionality. Then you need to be thinking about the aesthetics of the site and making sure they’re bang on trend too.

Aesthetics are Arguably More Important on Mobile

While aesthetics are pretty crucial to desktop website design, they’re even more so when it comes to mobile devices.
In the latest generation of smartphones, from the Note 9 to the iPhone X, big, high-resolution screens are the norm. They’re highly designed tools, that boast UI that prioritise intuitive, easy use. Mobile website design has to match up, more so than it ever had to on desktop.

Stay On Trend

One of the key elements of making sure that your site is looking sharp is following the latest web design trends. That means following all the trendsetting blogs and news sources, as well as keeping a critical eye on the biggest and most popular websites.
Without keeping an eye on trends like this, it’s altogether way too easy to fall out of the loop, and for your site to start looking dated. That’s why it’s so important to stay on trend, especially when it comes to mobile website design.