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Font-astic Web Design

As London-based Web Designers, it’s probably no surprise to hear that we love integrating the latest technology into our web design services. We love building fast, responsive, functional websites that make our clients smile.

We also love sharing hints and tips with you all. This blog is a great platform for sharing news and ideas spanning business, design, social media, customer relations and more. We hope that this also gives you a window into our world; constantly listening, learning from the best and endeavouring to improve the service that we are able to deliver to our clients.

Something that marks out the very best websites (and we think will continue to do so in 2013) is the use of typography. It’s no secret that content is a huge part of website design. Typography has had a resurgent effect on web design in recent times, with many ground-breaking new websites opting to feature a particular typeface as a focal point of the design. However, it’s just as common to find more traditional, conventional fonts such as Times New Roman and Comic Sans (famous for being both loved and hated) lurking on outdated websites.

We thought that we would share a few thoughts on how to maximise your use of Typography, font families and content in your web design…

Fall in Love

It can be very tempting to be conservative when you’re choosing a typeface for your website design. There can be a misconception that opting for a new font will result in a website that is inappropriate for your target audience. The reality is that there are a multitude of beautiful fonts which are both clean and modern and conservative/traditional enough to avoid undermining the image or branding of your company.

We recommend that you find a typeface that you absolutely love. Spending a couple of hours searching and producing a shortlist might seem like an arduous task, but when you find a font that makes you smile every time you open up your homepage it will definitely be worth it. Google Web Fonts is a great place to start looking…

Use it Everywhere

A classic web design howler is to include too many fonts in your website design. Instead, settle on one or two typefaces (one for your headers and one for your content and body-text) and use them everywhere. This includes your website, your email template, business cards; anything that that you want to contain your company’s branding.

You’ll achieve a clean, consistent look that will reinforce your brand’s identity with every piece of communication you send out. It won’t just be web designers who appreciate your work; your clients will love it too.

Minimalism Works

There has been a resurgence in text-only websites that feature typography as the central branding focus. This can look great, particularly with clean backgrounds and careful use of colour. When you’ve identified the typeface that you want to use, it is quick and easy to continue producing web and print material that looks fantastic and consistently reinforces your company’s brand.

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