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Facebook Timeline Makeover

Facebook has caused a lot of debate recently with the complete overhaul of its timeline feature. It now means that it only has updates showing since the last time that the user checked it, rather than an option to choose between Most Recent and Top Stories. This makes it better for those who do not log in so much, as they get to see the most popular content instead of having to read through all of the statuses.

Photos have also been made larger and stand out more, so it is perfect for those accessing the website via a tablet device or smartphone. The new news ticker feature allows comments and activity from your friends to show up instantly, so it adds another dimension to keeping content updated.

Social networks regularly update their web design in order to keep it fresh and create improvements to make things easier or more accessible for users. It keeps visitors interested and also creates publicity for the website, as people get together to discuss their opinions on the new changes.

Other businesses can also do well in updating their content or design regularly, as it sustains the interest from customers and shows that they are active in making their website up to date. Improvements made for the benefit of the visitors show that the company really cares about its customers and wants to make their online experience much better. This can have a positive effect on the business, if people find their site easier to use and interesting at the same time, then it is likely to lead to further business as well as sustaining existing customers.