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Facebook E-Commerce Shops – How You Can Utilise Them

Facebook’s major new e-commerce feature “Shops” was announced earlier this year. What does this mean for small businesses looking to thrive in the online marketplace? How is Facebook Shops going to work for your business?

This is another major step for Zuckerberg towards cornering a major part of the e-commerce arena within the Facebook apps. Which includes Facebook itself, Instagram and, in future, WhatsApp and Messenger.

In short, Facebook e-commerce Shops allows businesses to combine their social media marketing pages with an online shopping page built-in. This provides more avenues for businesses to encourage sales, as well as amalgamate and combine their marketing efforts online.

New Era of Online Shopping

            Throughout the COVID-19 situation, small-to-medium businesses have taken a major hit. With many businesses having to close for at least a period, as well as some being forced to close their doors for good. One major reaction is a migration to online retail and services.

Many businesses that have traditionally had a more physical model have been shifting their focus to online retail. With this having been happening for the last six months, Facebook e-commerce Shops really makes sense as a move for Facebook. By providing businesses with another avenue through which to reach their customers, they allow a more direct and communicative retail approach, which combines everything under a single banner. Could this be a threat to traditional e-commerce websites in future?

What is Facebook E-Commerce Shops?

            In essence, Facebook’s e-commerce feature, Shops is simply a unified way for businesses to directly sell under the banner of their social media pages. As Facebook also owns Instagram, Facebook Shops is also available on Instagram.

Facebook Shops allows for a great deal of customisation. As well as providing a new strategic avenue for businesses to look at marketing their products. By allowing businesses to combine their social media marketing and utilise the e-commerce features, not only can businesses count on multiple e-commerce streams, combined with their actual website, they can also be a little more flexible and dynamic when it comes to social media strategy.

Shops also utilise some of Facebook’s marketing tools, including the ability to customise your shopfront for the individual Facebook user. As well as managing their products, inventory, orders, and fulfilment directly from within Shopify. In essence, a complete service that allows businesses a greater degree of control and flexibility.

How Your Business Can Use These New Features

            As part of an overall strategic approach to marketing and Facebook e-commerce Shops, you can utilise Shops to provide a whole new order stream to your business. We all need to be working on our business’s social media pages, so that’s not really optional anymore. Facebook Shops allows you to kill two birds with one stone, both marketing and promoting your business, while actually allowing direct sales.

Whether or not Shops is going to upset the current traditional e-commerce website model is anybody’s guess. For now, it’s definitely a useful feature worth keeping an eye on for any e-commerce business looking to thrive online.