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7 Things E-Commerce Website Design Needs to Stop Doing

Online consumers have never been savvier or more engaged, there’s a number of things that e-commerce website design services really need to stop doing in 2020. Here are seven of the most reprehensible issues and why you need to sort them out ASAP!

Avoid Auto-Playing Content

There’s nothing more annoying to the customer than when browsing the net, multiple tabs open, from somewhere within the nest of tabs, comes some irritating promotional video or advert. This is auto-playing content, and to the vast majority of customers, it’s massively irritating.

Therefore, some might even close the webpage outright just to get the noise to stop. This is not good! E-commerce website design needs to bear this in mind, making sure you’re not actively annoying your potential customers.

Stop Publishing Content That isn’t Useful

The whole point of great web content is that you’re giving out a promotional freebie. You’re handing a would-be customer something of genuine use, helping you build both good-will and authority, potentially leading said customer onto the purchasing section of your e-commerce website. Consequently, bad content won’t do this, it’ll just, once again, annoy your customers.

Does Your E-Commerce Website Design Fail to Prioritise Customer Reviews?

We get it, it’s just something else that has to be maintained and checked, however, research has shown that customer reviews can have a massive bearing on new customer’s decision to shop on your website.

Get Rid of Those Obvious Stock Photos

It’s cheaper and easier to use stock photos, we get it. However, you’re a customer doing some online shopping. You see an e-commerce website design that makes use of images you’ve seen elsewhere, what are you going to think?

Not Offering Free Shipping

Again, this is an expensive step for some businesses, but this is how you keep up with the bigger businesses, like Amazon, that are dominating the e-commerce space nowadays.

Starting to offer free delivery will massively push more and more customers from on-the-fence to clicking through on their basket and ordering. Resultingly, you can expect more custom.

Making Checkout Too Difficult

One of the big reasons so many shopping carts are abandoned when it comes to e-commerce website design is the protracted, awkward and unnecessarily difficult checkout processes. Looking at you indecipherable captcha.

There’s no reason for things to be this awkward. As a result, you just need to simplify your check out process, make it as easy as physically possible.

Not Being Easy to Contact

Nothing says that you can’t trust a company more than them lacking any obvious contact information. Your e-commerce web design needs to be prioritising contact avenues. Make sure the customer can see exactly how to get in touch.

From social media pages to chatbots, and from telephone to email. These need to be displayed prominently, at the top of the page, as well as in the footer and even in a “Contact Us” page. This is important, you don’t want to be turning away interested customers.