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Don’t be Content with Bad Content!

Delivering a website design project takes some serious project management. When a company decide to redesign their website there are many components that must be taken into consideration. “Website Design” can mean anything from responsive web design and social media strategies to e-commerce systems, SEO and branding. This is precisely why an experienced website design agency will provide an account manager to project manage your website design.

However, whilst this ensures that the project runs smoothly and is completed by an agreed deadline, there is one core ingredient that many companies are in danger of overlooking. The fact is that many good website designs are led down by bad content.

It’s easy to see why this happens. The process of developing a new website is time-consumingit can sometimes feel all-consuming! Most businesses develop a new website to coincide with a rebranding, new products/services or a significant moment in the company’s history. As a result these tend to be busy, busy times with multiple projects running simultaneously and staff at full capacity. This can mean that whilst the web design is carefully planned and implemented, the words that will make up the website go overlooked…

As one website design commentator put it,

Good content is time-consuming. It’s expensive, requires patience and hard work. Good content is very difficult to produce and hard to maintain.

However, every visitor that uses your website will be judging your site by the quality of its content. A beautiful website design with poor content will flatter to deceive and ultimately fail to turn site visitors into those all-important conversions.

We appreciate that developing good content isn’t always a straightforward process. Here are a few ideas to help you get started and begin to improve this area of your website design.

Good Web Design Needs Good Content

Improving your content often starts with redefining your priorities. When you’re thinking about your website design, don’t forget content!

Content Marketing: Words That Sell

If you’re struggling to find words that say what you want to say, then maybe you need to try a different approach. Think about the way that you would look to close a sale and apply the same principles to your content. Remind yourself of the questions and concerns that your customers have expressed in the past and pre-emptively answer them. Take every opportunity to show your expertise and experience.

Keep Content Simple

One of the hurdles to good content can be the mistaken belief that it needs to be complicated. This isn’t true! Keep your content simple, minimalistic and conversational. Think about what site visitors need to know, remove the things that aren’t important and make sure that everybody who visits your site can understand what you’re about.

Tinkering: Adopt an Iterative Process

The beauty of website content is that you can update it whenever you want. In fact, one sign of a successful website design is that the content has been recently updated. Taking an iterative, tinkering approach is a great way to achieve this; it acknowledges that we’re all improving and changing, and helps you to continue improving your website.