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Design Faux-Pas That put off Customers

It is very important that businesses get their web design right, otherwise it can put off customers and drive them away.  This will lead to you losing vital income, so you should seek help and advice to ensure that your website is correctly designed and developed for the right target market and in a professional, concise and attractive way.

Many people make the mistake of having an unfocused design by adding too much information to one page, which creates a cluttered look.  This makes it very confusing for the visitor.  They should be able to enter your website with the first thing they see being the more important part of it.  This will help you to keep their interest and allow them to flow through the pages in an easy way.

Untargeted design is another big problem.  You need to also think about the right layout, text, use of images and other aspects that are suitable for your target audience.  They need to be tailored to suit them, so if it is for a financial business for example, then stick to a simple colour scheme of one or two subtle shades, professional fonts and a clear layout.  If it is for children, then use bright colours, lots of fun pictures and small bits of text in a larger font size.

Spelling mistakes are also a big downfall.  Make sure you have proofread all of the text to ensure it gets to the point, is easy to understand and is free from spelling and grammar mistakes.  Shoddy writing can look very unprofessional.  If needs be, get an expert SEO writer to write your text for you.