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How Has COVID-19 Affected Digital Industries?

With the constant impending and troubling uncertainty caused by these unprecedented times and the massive shift in working from home, there’s no doubt that COVID-19 has permanently changed every industry around the world. How has it affected digital industries? That’s what we’re going to take a look at.

Digital Industries Were Always Going to Keep Functioning

As a sector, the digital industry was always going to fare better than most through lockdown. Fairly resilient at the best of times, the majority of the industries ability to shift to working from home has proven hugely beneficial. In spite of that, many small to medium digital companies look set to endure negative financial impact in the coming years.

Uncertainty is always going to cause problems, no matter what industry you’re talking about. People are spending less, staying in the home, concerned for the future. However, digital industries’ inherent flexibility in combination with so many spending more time than ever browsing and shopping online allows for even more resilience going forwards

Hard Times, New Solutions, New Tech

As ever, necessity is always going to be the mother of invention. Working from home has gone from being something that a few might do to something that everyone has to embrace. This comes with a wide range of its own difficulties and challenges for digital industries. As well as technical and software solutions to said problems.

The world is rapidly digitising and it yields a fertile environment when it comes to innovative, modern solutions that simply haven’t had the impetus to become feasible before. For all companies, it’s a scary time, with the constant threat of uncertainty combining with logistical issues. However, with digital companies, from web design to software developers, their flexibility is going to prove their biggest strength. Combine that with the online, digital world never having seen such an injection of engagement and life. Therefore, this could prove a combination that sees many businesses continuing to thrive in digital industries.

New Opportunities Online for Digital Industries

People have never spent more time online. With the vast majority of the population spending the majority of their time in the home, there’s never been more people utilising social media, browsing the internet, streaming video, shopping online, you name it. If it’s something you can do online, it’s seen a huge rise in recent months. This is a huge thing for digital industries.

While there’s no doubt, the stress and worry of COVID-19 have been extremely unpleasant for everyone. However, that doesn’t have to mean that it’s all bad news for digital industries. From web design to web development, graphic design to animation. As a result, there’s plenty of opportunities and growth to be found online. If you run a business, it’s time to make sure that your online presence is as strong as it could be.