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Conversation, not Presentation

When you’re building a new website or revamping your content, you’re quite rightly going to think long and hard about yourself. You’ll work hard to represent yourself well. What is the vision of your company? What is the unique selling point of your product/s? What will help your business stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that you deliver a better service than your competitors?

We enjoyed this insightful little piece from the Harvard Business Review focussing on the phenomenon of the ‘unknown audience’. The reality is that very few businesses have the opportunity to engage with their customers face-to-face, whether you’re a local business or an E-Commerce heavyweight. If you’re picking up traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then visitors to your website will often be checking you out for the first time.

The article encourages communicators to research who it is that they are speaking to, even when very little is known about the audience. This is a very helpful way to think about website design and the tone of your content. It’s certainly true that “people don’t fall asleep during conversations, but they often do during presentations — because many presentations don’t feel like discussions.” Have you worked hard to give your website a conversational tone, or are you in danger of focussing more on your business than on the needs and value of your customers? In your eagerness to show that you are experts in your field, have you inadvertently filled up your site with technical jargon that will confuse potential customers?

There are various ways in which website designers will try to give a website a conversational tone. Even the most straightforward information about your website’s likely audience – age, gender, country of origin, likely purpose of visit etc – will help you gear your content to communicate more effectively. Ensuring that your web design is clear and simple will help visitors navigate their way around your site and find the information that they are looking for. Knowing which pages of your site visitors tend to land on will enable you to put the right information in the right places. Make sure that it’s easy to contact you, whether by providing phone/email details or including a social media function. Remember, it’s a conversation, not a presentation.

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