Content-Centric Website Designs are Key to Organic Marketing

20th May 2019


organic website designs

Everyone wants interested visitors to arrive at their website, especially when those visitors arrived entirely through organic means. Content-centric website designs help make that easier.

Sure, marketing trickery can score a few unwitting visitors. However, the real money is always going to be firmly lodged in organic digital marketing. Here’s why content sits at the core of that approach.

Search Algorithms Really Are That Smart Now

Before anything else, the most important thing to be fully aware of is that any kind of black hat SEO trickery is now so difficult to execute well, and so penalised by the search engines, that it’s virtually pointless to look to do anything other than properly.

Search engines like Google have been refining their algorithms for decades. Always looking to provide a solid search experience and improve the way the internet works for browsers. The level of sophistication these algorithms have reached makes anything but genuinely valuable content hard to quantify or justify.

So if it’s that difficult to manipulate the search engines now, and with quality organic content having a myriad of other benefits, it begs the question, why would you bother with anything else? Nothing beats quality content-centric website designs. There are loads of other benefits to producing solid content too.

Quality is Quality

Quality, original content will always shine through. There’s nothing else quite like it. Producing content that hits exactly what your viewers are intrigued by, looking for or interested in is going to translate into marketing gold, always. This is apparent to search engines too.

Providing Value Builds Authority

There are few ways to provide value to the net that are better than producing fresh content. Nothing builds authority on a subject or industry like producing content based around it.

I’m not just talking articles either. Infographics, animations, videos, applications, it all helps. All that matters is that it provides relevant, fresh value.

Content-Centric Website Designs Give People Another Reason to Visit You

Whatever your business does, you always want to give people as many reasons to come visit your website as possible. Valuable, relevant content is always going to be a strong way to attract visitors.

The only real downside to content-centric website designs and marketing is that it can be slower than most other digital marketing approaches. That’s always going to be the nature of any organic marketing campaign, it takes a while to get the ball rolling, and can prove expensive initially, but once things are moving, it’s very powerful and easy to build on.

Paid advertising can absolutely help things along if you’re wanting to speed up results. Many sneer at PPC, viewing it as something of a cheat when it comes to building up web visibility. However, when used as part of a content marketing campaign, it can speed things up, and increase the value and reach of your content hugely.