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Considering SEO in web development

Search engine optimisation has been of prime importance in the development of websites for some time. Even if thousands of pounds have been spent on the design of a website, it is of no use if the site is not properly optimised for search engines. When embarking on web design it is important to consider SEO at every stage of the development. The overall effect of the website does not have to be compromised in order to achieve a good standard of SEO.

There are several aspects to good web design. The main purpose of a website is to attract traffic and ensure that visitors to the site are impressed enough to want to return. This is another reason why the content needs to be optimised. People need to be able to find what they are looking for on the site. Content could include blogs, information on products and images. In design terms a minimalist approach is one that is very popular at the moment and this allows the user to concentrate on the actual content, but this is not an approach that will suit all designers.

Creativity does not always need to be minimised in order to make room for content. The distractions of the effects are where art meets web design and are part of the appeal of the site, so designers need to ensure that the right content is on the site so that the search engines are able to find it easily. The most common aspect of SEO is text searching, although the popularity of a site also adds to the search engine rankings. If a site has plenty of flash content then it can be harder for the search engines to find what they need to give it the right ranking. The aim is to get the site as high up the search engine rankings as possible.