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Comparethemarket.com Life Insurance Webpage Redesign

Where art meets web design, Comparethemarket.com has recently changed their website to ensure that it is much simpler for their customers wanting to take out a life insurance deal. The top comparison site has improved its design to make it easier for visitors to use and find exactly what they are looking for. This is an ideal option to take, as the easier you make a site for visitors, the more likely they will stay and make a purchase.

The site allows customers to look for quotes and compare different ones against each other to find the best one for them. Life insurance can be very important for many people, so making it easier to compare the various options is of great benefit to them. They are able to search for what they want using the several options on offer, including single and joint policies. They can whittle down the number of listings suitable to them by choosing certain search criteria that is relevant to their needs.

If a website is complicated to use then it can confuse the customer. If it takes ages to load from page to page or visitors to the site cannot find what they are looking for within a matter of seconds, then it is likely that people will leave the website and not come back, therefore, losing the company custom. Ensure the website is free from Flashy graphics and media, which slow down the loading of pages. Have a clear navigation bar labelling each page well and only use relevant information on the site; do not clutter or overload it with extra text or images that are not needed.