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City of London Web Designers

The City of London is a place like no other. Arguably the world’s leading business centre, the Square Mile is rivaled only by New York as a home for the world’s most prominent financial and professional services organisations.

In this short article we’ll be exploring the web design specifications required by businesses based in the Square Mile and how City of London website designers should be looking to deliver these services.

1. Global Credibility

The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated. Whilst it would be trite to suggest that the world’s leading businesses are swayed by first impressions alone, the impact that you make when a potential client first arrives on your website is crucial. In fact, it’s just as important as the condition of your offices or the interpersonal skills demonstrated by your employees.

The world’s leading institutions require websites that immediately reassure visitors from around the globe of their credibility and reputation. This is a very important trait that should permeate every part of the website design and online presence.

2. Absolute Security and Confidentiality

In many ways the City of London sits at odds with the propensity of the internet generation to formulate opinions – both positive and negative – in a matter of moments. The internet has supercharged the impact of scandal; reputation management has never been more important. It’s therefore essential that a City of London website – and website designers – provide absolute security and confidentiality throughout the design process and the lifespan of the website.

There are several facets to this. The website itself should be highly secure to avoid any embarrassing leaks or hacks. The web development agency entrusted with the website should demonstrate the kind of confidentiality that their clients are accustomed to in their professional web design services capacity. The website should also allow collaborative use from a large number of employees, but simultaneous safeguards against inappropriate content or a damaging leak, accidental or otherwise.

When you’re at the forefront of international business, you need a website which is an asset to your organisation, not a liability.

3. A Platform for Industry-Shaping Content Creation

Creating and sharing content as a key business-development strategy isn’t anything new. However, the internet has dramatically changed the way that we approach content creation and curation. Whilst the journals and print media remain, leading organisations need cutting-edge websites that allow them to produce influential content on a daily basis.

A City of London website design should therefore be an excellent platform for industry-shaping content creation. You’ll need an exceptional blog format that is simple for employees to use and allows visitors to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for and digest your content. This will need to be carefully designed in order to blend the style and modernity of a news app with the authenticity and heritage of a long-established journal. You’ll also need content to be effectively search optimised in order to generate maximum long-term impact from each publication.