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Why You Should Choose an Established UK Web Design Company For Your Next Website

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In 2014 there are many different ways to go about developing a website. You certainly don’t need to commission an established UK web design company.

There are some very attractive alternatives, most of which promise to deliver an equivalent product at a cheaper price. These include designing your website in-house, purchasing a template, commissioning a freelance web designer, finding a small local agency or even looking for a non-UK web design company.

Whilst it might be possible to grab a bargain website, our experience – and that of many of our clients – is that there are very good reasons to choose an established UK web design company for your next website. We might be biased, but we think that your website is such an important asset for your business that you really can’t afford to get it wrong.

1. Project Management

A huge strength of established UK web design companies is the quality of their project management. This involves helping you to identify your goals and making sure that they are achieved in a timely and effective manner.

Unfortunately, many web design projects are unfinished, abandoned or simply unsatisfactory. A larger agency will have a dedicated account management team, excellent project management software and a wealth of experience in delivering websites on time and to the client’s specification. It might not sound glamorous, but a professional and experienced team will ensure that your website design project gets the careful management that it deserves.

2. Value for Money

One of the strongest objections to commissioning an established UK web design company is that of cost. However, this often involves a misunderstanding of what constitutes good value for money.

In 2014 it is possible to develop a website very cheaply; most businesses have a website, after all. In reality, though, the goal of an ambitious business is not simply ‘to develop a website’. If your intention is to develop a successful website that operates as part of an effective online strategy then an established UK web design company is likely to constitute far better value for money.

Why is this? Well, quite simply, a better website will deliver a vastly superior return on investment (ROI). The service that you will receive from a larger web design company is likely to include detailed A/B testing, strategic objectives for the website, effective ongoing website maintenance & optimisation and a fuller implementation of your branding and marketing.

A high-quality website that helps you to increase turnover and grow your business will always represent better value for money than a cheap, ineffective website which delivers mediocre results.

3. User Experience

Established, successful web design agencies have proven track records for building websites that connect with users. The quality and effectiveness of a website runs much deeper than the first impression it creates, although this is vital. It’s vital that you understand and implement user experience goals that will help you to convert site visitors into customers and clients.

If you choose an established UK web design company for your next website then you’ll benefit from their ability to optimise pages and maximise your conversion rate. This is essential for every kind of website from e-commerce to brochure sites.

4. Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

Many businesses experience the frustration of developing a new website but failing to increase website traffic. Larger agencies can help you to develop an effective online strategy, create fresh new content and achieve your SEO goals.

This is achieved by combining a breadth of skills and experience – typically including digital marketing specialists – to help clients optimise their websites, generate momentum through social media and increase website traffic. It will also include the provision of reporting and analysis that will help you to achieve your goals and continue expanding your business online.

Looking for an established UK web design company for your next website? We’re a London website design agency with a track record for helping clients to grow their businesses. Please contact us for more information…