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Why Centre Your Site Design Around Great Content

We are entering a whole new decade of tech developments. From wearables to virtual reality, and from AI to machine learning, there’s going to be a whole lot of newness to contend with, and site design has to take that into account.

One thing that’s definitely going to be staying just as important and up-to-date? Content. Quality, relevant content, designed to appeal, be shareable and engaging is never going to go out of fashion. More people are going to be searching than ever, looking for information, guides, apps, videos and reviews, and if you design your website right, you can catch that wave for a very long and successful ride.

Content is Powerful, Even More So With the Right Site Design

We’re well beyond the era of endless black hat SEO trickery. We’re past the era of SEO technical tweaking. Do you know what era we’ll never get out of? The era of quality content. Quality content-marketing never goes out of style, because, in short, you’re creating content people actually want to consume.

In a sense, great content is just crafting something useful that you give away for free. Just with your website or business name printed right on the front. We’ve all seen how well those little promo gadgets and toys do, it’s the exact same with content. People always love free stuff, especially when it’s useful to them. It pays to integrate content thoroughly into your site design.

Organic Results Last

While it’s true that content marketing can take a while to get up to full speed. Once it’s reached full speed, it’s hard to slow that train down! Instead of having to pay for every little ounce of success with paid search marketing, after a few months of consistent effort, you’ll see enduring results with content marketing.

The key is in its organic approach within your site design, you’re producing something people actually want to see, and as a result, you’ll build a following on social media, regular visitors, and high authority.

Authority is Key

One of the big factors for site ranking is authority and trust, and guess what? Quality content builds great site authority. By producing great content on topics relevant to the rest of your website, not only are you helping produce useful stuff, but you’re also making it clear that your website knows exactly what they’re talking about, enough to be talking about it and producing info online!

How to Centre Your Site Design on Content

There are loads of ways you can centre your website design on spectacular content. From having a beautiful, well-designed blog, to plenty of open white negative space, to solid font choices, centring your website design on content is really just a case of solid website design.

Any professionally designed website should be able to showcase and publicise content, but websites designed with content in mind will be even more powerful for it, boosting their digital content marketing power online. Web content strategy doesn’t have to be complex. Just create stuff that people will be interested in, and do it regularly.