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5 Painfully Common Mistakes We See in Business Websites

There’s many different niggling issues and problems we see holding people’s business websites back every day. Here are five of the most obvious and painful mistakes limiting business websites.

Business Websites Cannot Have Poor Loading Times

There’s nothing quite so annoyingly limiting than a poor webpage loading time. The page can be utterly perfect web design, both aesthetically and technically, with tons of SEO behind it. However, for every second wasted on loading, bounce rate spirals off over one-hundred-per cent.

Don’t let your business website be limited by poor page loading times. Make sure your image sizes aren’t holding you back, and consider changing to a better server provider.

Lack of Clear Call to Action

Whatever your business website, if you don’t clearly tell people what you want them to do, there is less chance they’ll do it. This is why you need clear calls to action throughout your website.

These include strong classics like:

  • Sign Me Up
  • Add to Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Contact Us Today

These are all good, but getting creative and varying it up can help. Above all, you just need to make sure you’re laying a clear path for your customers to follow on your business websites. If you don’t, they’ll go elsewhere.

Underutilising Analytics

Analytics data on your website visitors and users is a vital part of improving and refining the way your website operates. Not only this, it can be a huge determining factor when it comes to your growth and ongoing success.

If visitors are finding your business websites and struggling beyond the first page, you need to know about this, and what you can do to solve it. If visitors are tailing off, maybe there’s a problem. As a result, not utilising analytics lets a problem grow into a bigger problem.

Poorly Focused Branding

Branding is massively important in today’s overcrowded online marketplace. Branding is the thing that sets your business websites apart, that fosters customer loyalty, and crystallises the look and feel of your business. That’s why you need to build web visibility on solid branding. However, while many business sites do prioritise branding to some degree, many fail to make everything fully uniform.

Awkward mixes of older and newer branding on business websites and mismatched social media pages are painfully common. Your business needs to be united under a single banner if you want to gain recognition and success.

Not Prioritising Mobile Users

Lastly, something of an obvious one in 2019, but sadly still needing stating. Make sure your mobile responsivity is up to scratch. Mobile browsing accounts for the majority of online browsing nowadays. No business can neglect it, it’s as simple as that.

Utilising effective mobile website design is vital though.  None functioning buttons and endless pinch-zoom ahoy. That’s why you need quality mobile website design.