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Broadband, Business and Britain

If you’ve read any publicity from a broadband provider recently then you’ll have no doubt noticed that speed is still very much on people’s radar. Whilst things have changed immeasurably in the past decade (many of us can still remember our early experiences of browsing the internet using ‘dial up’, waiting for the phone line to be free…) broadband providers are still working hard to deliver fast, reliable wireless broadband. Whether you’re running a busy office, or simply trying to stream HD video from Vimeo, YouTube or Netflix then you’ll be pleased to hear that broadband speeds worldwide are still increasing.

Mashable shared this great infographic a few weeks ago showing the broadband speeds experienced by China’s estimated 500 million internet users. Unsurprisingly, factors like broadband provider and time of day still have a significant bearing on what kind of speeds you can expect to have. It was interesting to note that China’s average broadband speed – around 2.1 Mbps – is lower than the estimated worldwide average of 2.6Mbps, although certain provinces experience speeds of up to 6Mbps.

In the UK we haven’t always been able to access the kinds of broadband speed seen in other countries, although Manchester is the latest British city to announce that ultra-fast broadband (40 to 80Mbps) will soon be available to businesses and homes. Although this will be highly convenient for domestic users, the great hope is that British businesses will be the chief beneficiaries.

It’s noteable that these higher broadband speeds are increasingly attractive not simply for browsing the internet – web designers are consistently producing faster, more responsive websites – but for sharing, downloading and backing up data. This is hugely beneficial for the likes of start-up companies and businesses looking to give employees the option of working from home or whilst travelling at home or abroad. By using superfast fibre broadband companies will be able to harness the latest technological developments such as cloud and software access, with more portability and flexibility for employees than ever before. Ultimately fast broadband has been touted as a central factor in the anticipated growth of Britain’s digital economy.

We’re excited to hear that super-fast broadband is becoming widely available. As a web design company in London we’ve experienced first hand the benefits that fast broadband bring to a business. Nevertheless, we’ll continue to design and build highly responsive websites that look great and function effortlessly no matter how fast or slow your connection.