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Branding That Grows Your Business

"Brand" by Rupert Ganzer on Flickr (Creative Commons)

“Brand” by Rupert Ganzer on Flickr (Creative Commons)

I don’t know what you think about when you hear the word “branding”. Is it a positive experience? Perhaps you immediately feel a little suspicious. We believe that branding is everywhere, and that it’s possible for anybody to achieve branding that grows your business and adds momentum and confidence to what you’re doing.

We believe that successful branding can help business of all shapes and sizes.

Why is this? Quite simply, it’s because each one of us experiences and is influence by branding on a daily basis. Regardless of your age, gender, education, hobbies and interests, branding makes a significant impact on the decisions that we all make. This means that branding can and does have a universal appeal and a universal impact.

It’s worth pointing out that a significant percentage of businesses aren’t very good at this. This tends to be for one of two reasons: 1. They know their products, industry sector etc but haven’t worked out how to communicate this in a compelling, winsome brand, or; 2. They outsource and end up with something that looks good (for a while) but is out-of-touch with what they’re actually about as a business.

The first tends to result in very slow growth as the business grows through word-of-mouth and repeat business. The second tends to see spikes in business as a result of marketing campaigns but is unable to sustain the growth because the branding isn’t an accurate representation of the business.

We believe that every business has the potential to develop a successful, attractive brand that resonates with a wide audience. We see this happening on different scales: internationally, nationally and locally.

On a global basis there are very few people, for example, who haven’t heard of the likes of Apple, Google, Coca-Cola and BMW and immediately associated these brands with quality and universal recognition.

In the UK there are very few people who have a bad word to say about companies like John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury, companies whose branding messages are very clear and effective, backed up by the ability to do the things that they promise to their customers. This kind of business tends to have a loyal following and huge potential for further growth.

All of us experience successful branding on a local level, sometimes without even realising it. In every town and city across the UK there are local coffee shops, restaurants and independent retailers that somehow have a reputation for being brilliant, original and worth visiting. Competitors try and emulate the success of these businesses, often with mixed success. Whilst it can be tempting to label these kids of business as “one-offs” or even “lucky” you’ll often find a very clear understanding of what the business is about, who it’s for and how to communicate this to as many people as possible. Not many successful local businesses have poor branding, generally because they know exactly what they’re trying to achieve and know that good branding is an essential tool to help make this happen.

We believe in branding that grows your business. To find out more about working with our exceptional branding team – and generating a successful brand that is rooted in your core values and ideologies – why not contact us for a free initial consultation…