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Brand new Intel Phone and Tablet Designs

Smartphones and tablet devices have become popular pieces of technology over the last few years with many different companies competing against each other to release the newest innovations to win over the majority of the public to beat the others. Intel have recently revealed their plans for their Medfield phone and new tablet models for the year 2012.

Intel are still working on their designs to make some improvements before the official release, but they are confident that they will have a positive impression on consumers. Previously, Intel chips have not been so efficient, but new plans mean they are putting all of the core processing tasks onto one single chip to improve it. This should allow the battery to last much longer at the same time and, therefore, give the user a much better experience. Trials have shown that it has exceeded expectations with regards to various tasks including recording videos and sounds, as well as playing them back, and can even stream Blu-Ray quality clips without any problems. Browsing the internet was also deemed speedy and efficient.

The cameras included are eight mega pixels and are able to capture high quality photos and videos, matching most other similar designs on the market. Intel expect to launch the release of both these products within the first part of 2012, so only time will tell how they will fare against the public. New innovations from a variety of different companies are bound to be released, with enhanced features to provide an improved user experience for customers and to compete with competitors at the same time. With more companies making their web design mobile friendly, more and more people are browsing the internet and using their phones for various other tasks that would normally be done on a computer.