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Brand new Ecommerce Solution Changes Designer Fashion

A new ecommerce solution called RealReal has been created to fill a gap in the market for the sale of designer clothing.  Consumers can now find their favourite upmarket fashion brands at a massively reduced price of up to 90% off, because they are second-hand.  It also allows people to sell their unwanted designer items to others via the platform, for a financial return.

RealReal asks for a commission for the clothing that you sell via its website, but the company does most of the leg work for you, so is well worth it.  Each one is listed online for only 72 hours, so buyers often have to act on impulse when they want to purchase something.  This is quite a clever way to persuade consumers to make a transaction.

Where art meets web design, the use of ecommerce has transformed how retailers can sell products online.  It makes buying easy and fast for the customer, as well as keeping payment details as secure as possible, so there are many benefits.

More businesses are creating ecommerce websites to sell their products, because it saves time and money, as no paper applications or face-to-face retail needs to be done.  It also makes it global, as anyone in the world can log on and purchase some items within a few clicks.  Less staff is required, so it also saves on resources and expenses, which is a bonus for any commercial business.  Ecommerce is definitely one of the most modern ways to sell products and can be an advantage for many companies.  A web designer can help to plan and create this with you.