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7 Actionable Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce SEO 2019

It can be hard knowing where to start or what to do when it comes to making sure your site is ranking as well as it can be. Here are seven actionable ways to boost your e-commerce SEO ranking in 2019.

Page Speed is Vital

If there’s one single thing that every website stands to benefit from, it’s making sure that your page speed is completely up to scratch. There’s absolutely no excuse nowadays for having a tardy page costing you customers and rankings.

Page speed is a known ranking factor to the big search engines, making it a vital part of SEO optimisation, but as well as that, it’s also important for visitors. If you have a slow loading website, your bounce rate is going to be way higher than it needs to be.

Content is Still King in E-Commerce SEO

As the search engine algorithms get smarter and smarter, one key SEO and digital marketing approach continues to stand above all else. Content is king, and that’s because quality content is always going to provide value to the searcher, which is what the search engines are always looking to promote.

However, it can’t be any old scribblings. Content may still be king, but not all content is equal, not by a long shot. There are far too many e-commerce businesses wasting their digital marketing budget on low quality, samey web content. You need quality that cuts through the noise to succeed.

Content Also Needs to be Consistent

It’s all well and good posting amazing quality content. Less so if you’re only uploading it once every four months. Or worse, every eight months, in massive, indigestible batches that are utterly ignored.

You need to be consistently uploading content. Once a week, once every two weeks, whatever. Consistency, along with quality, is important. This is especially true when it comes to getting ahead in e-commerce SEO.

Vary Up Your Content

Lastly, when it comes to content, you don’t just want to be posting text. You want to be getting a whole range of content forms uploaded. Pictures, infographics, videos and apps. Variety is important when it comes to making sure your content is boosting your e-commerce SEO.

Don’t Let Your Social Media Pages Go Quiet

Another area that sees massive flurries of activity followed by months of deathly silence, social media is an important part of any businesses approach to digital marketing. Anyone can make social media work for their business, but like everything else, it requires consistency.

Make Sure Everything is Fully Optimised for E-Commerce SEO

Beyond simply making sure your page loading speeds are as good as they can be. You also want to start looking into fully SEO optimising your e-commerce site throughout. Not just desktop, but mobile as well. Getting the right specialist to take a look over can be a quick way to fix any glaring tech issues holding you back.

Start Looking into Voice Search

As well move towards 2020, voice search is going to continue to become more and more widespread. Diluting Google’s stranglehold on the search engine market, Apple and Amazon’s search engines will present new areas to optimise and rank above the competition. Keep an eye on voice search e-commerce SEO going forward.