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Bing web design change to benefit searchers

The popular search engine Bing has announced that they are to revamp their website design with the aim of producing faster searches. The result has been a homepage that is less cluttered. The company stated that they understand that when people are searching they want results as quickly as possible and they also want to use a simple search engine.

Changes that the website designers have made to the site include removing the information that used to appear on the left of the page and using a smaller header. For those who are unsure how this will help their searches, Bing has declared that this allows the level of consistency to be raised, along with that of predictability so that users are able to quickly scan the page and find what it is that they are looking for.

Web design companies will need to think along similar lines, as these changes have also been made with those internet users in mind that access the internet via their smart phones or tablet computers. The news was announced via Bing’s own blog and also tells the user that the space between the lines has been increased in order to improve the readability of the site and allow touch devices to be used to greater effect.

In addition to this the web design includes a faster load time, which is always of benefit when trying to attract more users. The simplicity of the new website will set something of a standard for others to follow, particularly those web designer professionals who are looking to ensure that their sites can be used through a variety of different devices. Businesses that want to take a similar approach can use the services of a professional web design company to ensure that their site meets the needs of both themselves and their clientele.