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Big Web Design Faux Pas

If you are developing your website yourself and are not skilled in doing this, there are some top tips of things to avoid. You would be surprised as to how often they come up on amateur web design and look really unprofessional to customers. This is why it is often better to work with a web designer when building a site for your company.
White backgrounds are a bad idea, as they can be plain and dull. Colours help to attract if done in the right way. Stick to one or two different shades, as this will make it look professional and attractive, as well as creative and stand out from other sites.
Images from Google are not the best option to go for. It is better to shoot your own photos to show you are being creative and unique. If you are unable to do this, then you can purchase higher resolution photos from photographic websites instead.
Big fonts should also be avoided. They are fine for headings but for the main body of text they can be quite childish and patronising, plus they take up a lot of room. Stick to a font size around 12 for sites aimed at adults.
When linking to another page or site, do not use the words ‘click here’ in the hyperlink. It can be quite dubious, so it is better to put ‘contact us here’ or ‘for more information’. Make it relevant to the link included.
Flash should also be avoided on the majority of websites, as it can take a long time for the pages to load and often puts customers off from sticking around.

Reference link: http://www.addpr.com/articles/web_design_development/95398.html