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Going Beyond SEO – How Else to Attract Traffic

Altogether too often, we hear people talk about SEO like it is the absolute be-all and end-all of website traffic, and that’s simply not the case for so many businesses and websites out there.

Nothing will ever beat a unified and strategized approach to digital marketing across multiple platforms and approaches. Having those multiple streams of traffic not only makes your business more stable, but it also supports the other forms of digital marketing. It’s a more balanced, powerful and strategic approach. Here’s how you can do it.

SEO Works, But Multiple Avenues of Traffic is Better

No one is denying it, SEO can work amazingly well to generate a steady stream of traffic to your website. There’s lots of benefits to it, and it should very much be a big part of your website’s digital marketing strategy.

However, it can absolutely pay to spread your strategy across multiple avenues. Certain approaches absolutely compliment each other, enabling you to create an overall strategy that matches your business, website and goals, as well as budget.

Any website would benefit from having a steady stream of SEO traffic, but there’s no doubt that having multiple sources of traffic is better than one or two. Simply knowing that even if one strategy fails completely, you’ve got others to fall back on is always going to be massively reassuring for your business.

Online Advertising Works

There’s a reason why we’re all constantly bombarded by advertisements online from every angle. It works. Businesses see a very real return on their investment when it comes to advertising. However, it absolutely needs to be done right. Without the right strategic approach and rationale, it can be extremely easy to waste money on advertising. All without much of a benefit to your SEO traffic.

That’s exactly why businesses need to be utilising online advertising as a key part of their overall strategy, alongside SEO, social media and other approaches.

One big advantage is that SEO can sometimes be slow to start producing real results. Advertising and PPC on the other hand can produce results immediately, with the main drawback being the cost. If you combine advertising with a solid SEO strategy, you can optimise initial results, while reinforcing long-term traffic gains.

Social Media is a Powerful Tool for Generating Traffic

So many businesses fail to realise the potential in social media. Social media can be such a powerful way to focus your branding. As an amplifier for your SEO content, as a way to boost your ranking. In essence, a solid, well-planned social media strategy is always going to be hugely beneficial for almost every area of digital marketing.

The big drawback with social media is always going to be the consistency that it demands. You need to be posting and promoting extremely consistently in order to make it work for your business. That can be a drain on time and resources. That said, it can have a powerful effect on your SEO traffic in the long-term. So it’s worthwhile for most businesses.