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7 Best Apps for Running a Business

When it comes to running a small business of any kind, streamlining everything as much as possible can be key when it comes to staying on top of everything and continuing to grow as a business. Whether you’re a website designer or a building contractor, staying on top of everything is vital.

Utilising technology and applications can really make your life easier, whether that’s project managing, or simple reminders to get tasks done. With that in mind, here’s seven of the best apps for running a business.

Payment Apps

PayPal – This is definitely the most widely recognised and trusted payments system online, and they even offer a free business package, which allows you to accept credit and debit cards, but necessitates leaving your site and going to a PayPal site. Their premium £20 per month service allows you to do the whole check-out process on your site.

Square – This is ideal for in-person payments, as it provides its users with a small portable card reader which attaches to their phone, allowing mobile, convenient card payments. If you run a business that requires plenty of payments in person, like a food van, or a market stall, this could be the ideal way to start accepting credit and debit cards.

Time Management

OmniFocus 2 – If you need to stay on top of a whole bundle of different tasks and scheduling, OmniFocus has a lot of different, useful features that allow you to do just that. From to-do lists, to mail drops, OmniFocus can help you stay on top, however, it is expensive, starting at £39.99.

OmniFocus has a whole lot of different features all packed into one suite, which can allow you to stay on top of everything without having to use too many different apps.


Evernote – Evernote is useful for writing notes of all different kinds on your tablet or smartphone, which then sync over to your PC and other devices. If part of the way you work involves noting things down and coming back to them, Evernote could prove invaluable for your business.

Asana – Asana is all about letting you view all the current projects and communications across the board for various projects in your business. It can help provide a bird’s eye view, while helping you track progress and developments. It also integrates with Google Drive and DropBox.


Trello – This is all about project management, and keeping an eye on a team’s work. It allows you to track work, with to-do lists, comments and attachments, and the ability to add new members into the mix. Plus it’s free to use on the web.


Skype – There’s very few apps that compare to Skype as far as video conferencing is concerned. Being able to have up to twenty-five people chatting at a time, and sharing screens, photos and documents, it’s no wonder it’s so heavily used by businesses the world over. Staying in touch with all arms of your enterprise is vital for all businesses, from web design companies, to food vans.