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Attract New Customers To Your Business With Responsive Website Design | VizionOnline

In every business it’s vital that we find ways to attract new customers. There are lots of ways to approach this. You can roll out improvements to your product and service, trusting that word of mouth will attract new customers to your business. You might choose to implement a new marketing strategy, buying advertising and investing in new ways to grow your audience.

An idea that you might not have considered is investing in responsive website design as a highly effective method of attracting new customers to your business. This is perhaps the most cost-effective, long term and holistic strategy that will have a huge impact on your holistic marketing strategy.

Responsive Website Design will help you attract new customers to your business via mobile.

By optimising your website for desktop, tablet and smartphone users you’ll ensure that every site visitor receives a high-quality user experience. Whatever strategy you use to attract new customers, you can guarantee that at some point they will look at your website. With around 50% of traffic coming from mobile visitors, failing to connect with these site visitors can be very costly.

However, responsive website design safeguards you against this by delivering a superb user experience to every mobile visitor. Your images, text, navigation and even pageload speed will all be carefully optimised for mobile user. This is a highly effective way to increase your conversion rate and turn visitors into customers.

Responsive Website Design will help you attract new customers to your business via search engines.

In 2014, search engine algorithms are extremely sophisticated, taking into consideration a wide range of factors. It is becoming increasingly clear that responsive website designs feature more highly in the search engine results pages. This is because search engines want to send their users to the most relevant, informative and user-friendly pages on the internet. If your website is responsive then this will send a clear message to the search engines when they index your web pages: “we’re mobile friendly and we deserve to appear more prominently in your search results”.

You’ll also experience a lower bounce (exit) rate, because site visitors will be able to digest your content more easily and consider reading more. If your website is not responsive, it’s likely that people who find you via search engines won’t stick around to read what you’ve got to offer.

Responsive Website Design will help you attract new customers to your business because you’ll demonstrate that you are keeping pace with technological change.

By providing a website experience which is comparable to those of the biggest and highest-profile brands, you’ll win the trust of your site visitors. The message that you communicate will be one of credibility and trustworthiness. This will increase the likelihood of site visitors looking at more of your content and bringing their business to you.

It’s worth considering exactly how new business is won; in most business environments, several members of staff will look at your website before a decision is made. If you make a great first impression then this will make the decision much easier and reduce doubt, particularly if they already enjoy a good working relationship with one of your competitors. If you’re selling to individual customers, they want to know that they are buying from a company who are comparable to one of the ‘big names’ in online and high street retail. They’ll also want to be able to share what they’ve found with their friends; if your website is responsive and well designed this will reduce any barriers to social sharing and help you to attract new customers to your business.

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