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Whether you are self-employed or a freelance worker, or running a small or large business, having your own website can be very beneficial.  Without it, it is much harder to promote your services these days.  Web design can make or break your business, so it is important to get it right.

The good news is that you do not need a huge budget to create your own website.  If your income is fairly low, then you should ensure that the cost of the site is as little as possible, but without compromising on the quality, of course.  There are various templates that you can buy, in order to build and develop your own website yourself.  Some people prefer to hire a web design company to do this for them though, as it takes the time and stress out of it, especially if you are not an expert on computers or html codes.

You will also need to choose and buy a domain name that represents the name of your business well.  The most common ones end in .co.uk and .com, but these do get taken up quite quickly, so you may have to change the name slightly, by adding a hyphen between words for example, or choosing an alternative, such as .org.  You will also need to pay for the hosting on a regular basis to keep it online, and promote your site to increase the traffic.

A website will often provide the first point at which a customer views your business.  It needs to be set out very clearly, so that they can find all the relevant information that they need.  The layout and design should be eye catching and appealing, but not too over the top.  It is a good idea to keep the use of colours to a minimum, by sticking to one or two different shades, which will help create a professional look.