A content management system in web design

25th April 2012


A content management system is often referred to as a CMS and is a type of software that will allow the users to update as well as create new pages for their website. Making use of a CMS can be very beneficial for websites that have a large number of pages or if there are several people that need to work on the site. If contributors to the site have only a minimal knowledge of HTML then it can also be useful.

The first step of a content management system is to create the web design, which is the layout of the page. The web design company then turns this into a master template for all the pages on the site to follow. The CMS is integrated into this design. The people then responsible for producing the content of the web page can then be given access to the web pages and will be able to add the content in. All pages are automatically saved and can be edited or deleted as needed.

There are different types of CMS that can be considered. One of these is a Proprietary CMS, which can be an expensive option but is usually top of the range. It is mainly larger companies that take this option. The open source CMS is at the other end of the scale as it is generally free and easy to use and install. However, users may find that support is limited. It is the Custom CMS that is the most popular option as it can be developed from scratch by the web design company who will be able to deal with any problems that arise in the future.