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7 Things that Make Great Web Designers Tick

In December 2012 Management Consultant Steve Tobak wrote a piece for Inc. exploring 7 common factors that unite today’s great entrepreneurs. He looked at the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer and Larry Page and tried to determine what it is that has made them so successful.

Whilst you might think Tobak’s article to be a little simplistic, his principles are very helpful. Unsurprisingly, given that the majority of successful UK web design companies have entrepreneurial roots, the “7 things” identified are also attributes that you’ll find in every great web designer.

If you’re looking for a company to handle your next website design project, here are 7 characteristics that you should be looking for in your web design team:

1. “They all have a process”

Behind every creative web design team is a clear understanding of how to manage a project. It’s vital that from the first consultation until the moment the finished website goes live that the project is clearly managed, regular deadlines are put in place and that both the web designers and client are able to communicate ongoing ideas and questions.

2. “They trust their gut”

There are times in every project when a web designer has a ‘gut feeling’ about an area of the design that they are overseeing. Whilst we believe that the client should be involved in shaping every part of the website design process, there are moments when it’s wise to trust your web designer’s skill, training and experience.

3. “They have a passion for what they do”

There are some web design companies that simply churn out websites. We’re not one of them. A team of hungry, passionate web designers who love what they do will always produce more innovative website designs. They’ll also be a lot more fun to work with.

4. “They’re unusually quick on the uptake”

In this industry it’s vital that you respond quickly to new information. Whether it’s a new piece of programming, a client’s revised design brief or simply realising that there is an unforeseen technical issue, good web designers see things quickly.

5. “They’re born problem-solvers”

At every stage, web designers are endeavouring to solve problems. These range from fundamental problems – “our old website isn’t working” – to establishing the best way to implement technical programming solutions. The best website designers solve problems quickly, effectively and with the minimum of fuss, keeping the project as smooth as possible for the client.

6. “They’ve got something to prove”

Whilst we have worked with some of our clients for many years, building them multiple websites in the process, web designers are always working with new clients. This means that we are constantly working to make sure that first impressions count. It’s not as simple as working on last week’s successes – web designers are constantly trying to prove themselves.

7. “They work their tails off”

Finally, like every successful entrepreneur, a web design company is built on good old fashioned hard work. We do everything that we can to deliver outstanding website design solutions to our clients, whatever it takes.

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