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6 Ways to Improve Your Web Design Today

As a London web design agency we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve the website design solutions that we offer our clients. If new techniques and technologies are available, then we want to see if they can help us in what we do. However, we’re also interested in helping our clients improve their existing web designs.

Here are a few simple website design improvements that you can make today. If you’ve got any questions about any of these then please don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can help!

1. What’s on the Menu?

As you develop and improve your website, it is often tempting to continue adding new content. There are loads of great reasons to do this – to advertise your latest projects, provide more information to visitors and improve your SEO – but often it can leave your web design looking cluttered. Slimming down your menus and deleting unnecessary pages will help you keep your website design up to date and make life easier for site visitors.

2. Content

Even the best web design can be let down by out-of-date or irrelevant content. It’s good to be ruthless – if a sentence, paragraph or even page aren’t serving a valuable purpose then seriously consider removing them altogether. Website design is intended to help communicate key messages, but even the best web design can be ineffective without good content.

3. SEO

Whilst you’re looking at content it’s great to review your SEO strategy. What Keywords are you looking to hit? How effective have you been at generating traffic from search engines? Where in your site are people most likely to bounce (exit)? If you have questions about SEO, Keywords or PPC we would be more than happy to discuss ways in which we can help.

4. Consistency

We’ve often spoken about the need for consistency within your web design. This is particularly true when it comes to typography and typefaces (font families). Find what works best for you and meticulously apply it across your website design. This is true both for heading and paragraph text.

5. Keep it Engaging

Ensure that every page of your web design helps engage your visitors – after all, if your SEO strategy is working well then you’ll have people arriving at your site via various different pages. Video and photography are great ways to achieve this. Ensure that your visitors are easily able to respond – whether by email, phone or social media.

6. Tell Your Story

Don’t be afraid to share your company’s story. This kind of information helps build trust with potential customers and is often overlooked by businesses. Show how you are solving problems, providing great services and meeting the needs of your customer base. Introduce visitors to your staff, premises and working culture. This kind of personal detail is invaluable – it will help visitors to your site remember who you are and what you’re about.