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5 Ways to Boost Usability in Your Company Website Design


We’ve all stumbled across terribly designed, poorly put-together and utterly dated websites, and we all know when we do. That’s why we’ve put together five ways your website design company can boost the usability of your site.

A website that’s not fit for purpose sticks out like a sore thumb in today’s internet of bespoke, purpose-designed sites. That’s why no business can tolerate having a website without maximised and prioritised usability.

Responsive Mobile-Friendly Design

First off is an obvious one. Mobile devices have now overtaken laptops when it comes to browsing, and no business can afford to neglect that. Making sure that your site is properly mobile friendly is absolutely key, even for niche businesses.
It’s not just about reaching all the customers that you can either. Sites that aren’t responsively designed command lower SERP rankings too, so responsive design can be useful when it comes to SEO too.

Use Plenty of Relevant Images

How do you know you’ve found the right, relevant website for what you’re looking for? Sure, you could slowly read through all the text, but we humans don’t work like that. You’ll look at the pictures, and if they’re relevant and appropriate, you’ll explore the site further, if not you’ll probably click back.
That’s the importance of images when it comes to site-building and navigation. Not only do they simply look better, aesthetically speaking, but they also help the user navigating the site.

Speed It Up

No one likes a slow website. If yours is taking a long time to load, chances are visitors are going to click away before giving it a proper chance. Make sure your website design company are using all the right techniques and WordPress plugins to get all pages fully up to speed.

Logical Navigation Layout

Websites should not be labyrinthine. No one should ever be getting lost in your website. You want a straightforward, intuitive and familiar navigation layout, allowing the visitor to quickly and effectively get to what they’re looking for.

Maintain Consistency

One thing we see altogether too many websites doing nowadays is failing to maintain consistency overall in their design. You want it to feel to your visitor that all your pages match and function together.
That means colour schemes, branding, and general design is cohesive and matching. The trouble nowadays is that most consumers have become a lot more design savvy, so even slight faux-pas can leave your business looking amateurish and incompetent if you’re not careful.

Talk to Your Website Design Company

When it comes to truly creating the website that your business needs to succeed, it’s never going to be about simply shooting off a brief, and expecting your web design company to come back with something perfect.
Creating the ideal website is about an open dialogue, and regular communication, specifying exactly what you need the website to be and do.

If you want to find out more about site usability or look at sorting your company website, get in touch with us at info@viziononline.co.uk, or give us a call on +44 (0) 203 793 0306.