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5 Ways to Beat Creative Blocks and Grow in Creativity

Beat Creative Block

Many of us work in creative industries. This requires us to maintain and grow in creativity. One of the biggest challenges is gathering fresh sources of inspiration to help us keep producing original, high-quality work. Another challenge is looking after yourself in such a way that you avoid hitting creative blocks and continue to deliver the work that you know that you can. As a UK web design agency we’ve been helping clients to develop outstanding websites for well over a decade and have found various ways to maintain our creativity.

We’re also finding that more and more of our clients are stepping into creative lanes. The importance of an integrated digital marketing strategy has meant that many of us are taking on responsibilities that would traditionally have been outside our primary skill-set. This includes updating social media pages, writing blog posts and original content and producing online and offline marketing materials. We’d argue that the very process of managing a digital marketing strategy is a creative art that requires the ability to think outside of the box and continue delivering innovative ideas.

Here are 5 simple ways for you to beat creative blocks and grow in creativity:

1. Keep Calm and Carry On

There is much to be said for relaxing, refusing to feel pressurised and just keep working. You’ll often find that smaller creative blocks can simply be overcome by sticking to your task. Like most things in life, growth is rarely linear and we can experience peaks and troughs in our development. Keep going – you might just find that your best work is just round the corner.

2. Diary Management

There are certain stereotypes surrounding creative people, some of which are well founded! It’s true that many of us produce our best work late at night or in places which inspire and motivate us. It’s therefore very important that you develop strong diary management skills. Allocating time for administration, meetings and client liason will help you to safeguard your creative time. Your employers will be much happier for you to be ‘offline’ for certain parts of the working week if they know that you’re managing your diary well and see that you’re producing work of a high quality.

3. Book a Holiday

Trainee doctors are sometimes encouraged to have their next 2 holidays booked to help offset the emotional challenges of their work. Time away from work is good for all of us – and having holidays planned will help to alleviate the stress associated with creative block. You’ll return with a freshness and renewed creativity that far outweighs any design time that you might have missed whilst you were away.

4. Find Inspiration from Others

Very few of us are capable of constant innovation without input from others. Ensuring that you’re regularly listening and learning will help you keep you fresh and motivated. This might be through reading blogs and articles, reading design magazines or attending local networking events.

5. Fight your Designer Perfectionism

A high percentage of designers and creative types find themselves battling various kinds of perfectionism. This can impact you in various ways – feeling unable to submit initial designs, unable to leave the office until you’re happy with a piece of work or even editing a Facebook status countless times before posting. It’s very important that you fight against perfectionism and embrace your limitations. Not every piece of work will make it into your portfolio. There will be inspired days and less inspired days.

Having the discipline to know when a piece of work is good enough – even though you’re still not quite 100% happy with it – will help you to continue growing in your creativity, be more productive and help you to develop a more sustainable, creative lifestyle.