5 Surprising Uses for AI in 2021

24th February 2021


5 Surprising Uses for AI in 2021

From farming to vaccines, in 2021 AI will help speed up and enhance all kinds of manufacturing and development processes. As artificial intelligence technology continues to move ahead into 2021. We’re looking at some of the more unusual ways AI tech could be being used going forwards. Almost every industry is seeing some changes thanks to AI. Here are some of the more surprising ones you might not have expected to see.

Smart Agriculture

            When you think of shiny new forms of technology, farming probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, with new forms of AI-driven software and technology reaching farms around the world. We’re able to more accurately than ever calculate elements like yield and soil health. This allows maximum efficiency, all thanks to artificial intelligence.

There are many elements that come into play when it comes to effectively managing land resources and agriculture. Effectively utilising AI to keep track of all these elements and ensure that things run as smoothly and effectively as possible not only makes sense but is only going to be more and more essential in the future.

Automated Driving

            They’ve been working towards automated driving steadily now for a number of years, and minus a few hiccups, it’s starting to come to fruition. This is predominantly thanks to AI-based tech in 2021. Essentially allowing companies to implement more safety features in real-time, allowing for self-driving vehicles that are soon to be safer than the human-driven equivalent. This technology is also seen in Tesla’s vehicles, especially in aspect like crash detection.  

Vaccine Development

            When it comes to developing vaccines, there’s always going to be a huge amount of data to be crunched and analysed. This is often one of the big elements slowing down vaccine development. By utilising AI in 2021, scientists can speed up the data analysis elements. Utilising AI to quickly turn vast quantities of data into meaningful and useful results without needing anywhere near the amount of manpower.

Humanising E-Commerce with AI in 2021

            One of e-commerce’s major shortcomings versus high street shopping is always going to be its mechanical impersonal nature. AI is coming to save the day when it comes to this. By allowing e-commerce businesses to utilise chatbots, accurate predictive suggestions and other techniques. We’re going to soon be seeing an online shopping experience that’s much more personalised and engaging than ever before, again thanks to AI tech.

Refining Cybersecurity with AI in 2021

            Small to medium businesses often have to deal with the threat of cybercriminals. It’s reassuring to know that AI 2021 offers some promising future developments when it comes to refining and reinforcing cybersecurity. There are few industries not affected by developing AI technology, and cybersecurity is always going to be extremely important.