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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose an App over a Mobile Website

Mobile Website Design

There are various ways to approach improving your engagement with mobile users. If you’re trying to develop this area of your business then you might be trying to choose between a mobile-friendly responsive website design and an app.

In Monday’s post we looked at 5 reasons why you should consider choosing a mobile website over an app. In this article we’ll be looking at the other side of the argument and working out when a app is a better option for your business.

1. Bespoke Functionality

One of the best things about apps is that they are incredibly flexible. They include games, mini software packages and online/offline varieties. Some are essentially mini-websites, whilst others more closely resemble a piece of bespoke software.

If you’re looking to solve a particular problem then apps allow you to deliver bespoke functionality. We’ve all heard of apps like Instagram and Angry Birds. This is because they perform a simple function so well that they have become synonymous with that function.

2. Ongoing Accessibility

In our world of WiFi, 3G and ever-increasing connectivity it’s important to remember that some users won’t always have internet access. This can be a real strength of apps; they are usually available offline as well as online.

If your users need regular access to your content, an app might offer the most accessible option. If you know for a fact that users want to use your product whilst on the tube, for example, an app allows you to continue engaging with your users even when they’re unable to get online.

3. Repeated Use

If successful, an app has the potential to be used much more often than a website. It may be one of the first things that your user sees when they unlock their phone. Indeed, it may even become one of the main reasons that they use their phone.

If you’re hoping for your users to engage with your content very regularly then an app helps you to provide a more efficient service. This in turn will create loyalty amongst your user base.

4. Scalability

Apps have the potential to get your content into the hands of thousands of active users – if not millions.

If you get it right, you’ll create something which either entertains or solves problems for people on a daily basis. The scalability of apps comes when larger volumes of people start to download your app, generating further profile/advertising and creating yet more growth.

At this point, apps start to represent astonishing value for money and can become a huge asset for your business.

5. Reputation

Finally, whilst the gloss of ‘having an app’ has diminished over the years, there are certain industries in which it creates a great first impression amongst your users.

If you’re looking to connect with mobile users and are considering whether to choose an app or a mobile-friendly website then why not contact us for a free consultation? We are an experienced UK website company who have been building mobile apps and responsive websites for several years. We’d love to hear from you and discuss ways to help you strengthen your business…