5 Reasons to Send an Email Newsletter

1st April 2015


5 Reasons to Send an Email Newsletter

Email newsletters might not seem very glamourous, but they remain one of the most effective ways to market your business. There’s a reason why leading brands send out email newsletters on a near-daily basis. If you’re not persuaded by the merits of email newsletters, here are 5 reasons to send an email newsletter.

1. Build an Audience

Perhaps the most obvious of the reasons to send an email newsletters is that you will built a highly-engaged audience.

If you’ve never sent an email newsletter before, the process of gathering an email database and communicating directly with your customers will have various benefits. It will let your customers know that you are interested in maintaining communication with them. It will give you an idea of how many people you can reach with a simple mailshot. It will also make it incredibly easy to repeat the process.

With most email marketing software offering a detailed analytics package, you’ll get an accurate picture of how engaging your newsletters are.

2. Promote New Products

Another obvious reason to send an email newsletter is to let your customers know about your new products. Social media updates only tend to reach a small percentage of your users, and updating your website alone is unlikely to get the word out about your changes.

You might be concerned that an email newsletter will irritate your customers. Generally speaking, our experience is that customers will be interested to hear what you have to offer. A new product line is unlikely to irritate readers, and will probably help to generate the kind of buzz and interest that you need for a successful launch.

3. Generate One-Off Sales

A timely email newsletter has the potential to generate significant one-off sales. It can essentially remind customers that you’re still operating and encourage them to come and buy from you.

Receiving an email can help to nudge customers who are in the process of looking for a particular product or service. We often find that clients experience a big spike in traffic when sending out an email newsletter.

4. Manage Stock Control

An email newsletter can also help you to manage your stock control. If you’re particularly keen to sell off a load of outdated or perishable stock then why not let your customers know what you’re offering – with an attractive discount?

By drawing attention to a particular product line you can help to manage stock control more effectively, resulting in increased sales and reduced overheads.

5. Increase Website Traffic and Engagement

Finally, one of the biggest reasons that businesses use email newsletters is to increase website traffic and engagement. Email marketing can generate a big increase in recurring traffic, increase the number of people reading your blogs and ultimately lead to higher sales and better conversion rates.

This has numerous benefits, including boosting your SEO performance and social media engagement.

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons to send an email newsletter. Why not give it a go this week and see how powerful this marketing technique can be.