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5 Huge Benefits of a Professional Web Designer

We’re forever being bombarded by adverts saying how easy and straightforward this special new tool makes building your own site, but there’s a bunch of reasons why a professional web designer still has a very important role to play for online businesses.
No matter how many times Keanu Reeves astride a motorbike tells you otherwise, professional web design is always going to be the way to go for your businesses site. Here are five reasons why that is.

For Any Web Designer, Looks are Crucial

The right web designer can deliver a website that not only fits your criteria perfectly but also looks unbelievable.
You need that precise fusion of cutting edge and current, mingled with familiarity, and it all needs to be bang on trend. That’s what the right professional web designer can deliver.

Don’t Sniff at Custom Design

You might think that other options offer plenty of customisability, but nothing compares to bespoke design. In the modern digital marketplace, your website is your shopfront, your billboard, and your office, all rolled into one.
Sure, you could probably use just another cookie-cutter website design, but it wouldn’t reflect your business in the way it could, and that could mean problems in the future.

Powerful Functionality

We all get annoyed when we click onto a page promising to be exactly what we’re looking for, only to have to wait fifteen seconds for the images and text to load up. Fifteen seconds doesn’t sound like much, but in today’s world of instant gratification, those few seconds key.
Slow websites can expect a lot of click bounces, and that’s not all. A website not only needs speed built in and optimised, but animation, navigation, and a number of other elements. That’s what web development is all about. You need a web designer to get all these elements on point.

Inbuilt SEO

By now, we all understand just how essential search engine optimisation is to succeeding online. There’s really no way to get ahead of the crowd without it, especially with the online marketplace only getting more and more crowded.
But there’s a world of difference between a website that’s had a few SEO features tacked on afterwards, and a website that’s had it built in from the ground up. The performance in the search page rankings really tells you everything you need to know.

Mobile Technologies

Lastly, you’ve got to think about responsive design, and taking the latest mobile technologies into consideration. Mobile browsing has nearly taken over the internet, and no website can afford to neglect that. On top of that, you need to be focusing on emerging new technologies as well.
Any professional web designer worth their salt keeps a finger on the pulse of both aesthetic and technology trends. That’s exactly what you need for your cutting-edge new website.