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5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your E-Commerce Website in 2021

            With everyone looking to start an online business nowadays and a huge amount of competition in a thriving online market place, with everyone vying for customer attention, using every tool at your disposal to get your e-commerce website in 2021 where you need it to be is vital. That’s why we’ve put together a quick checklist of five things everyone should be doing and more importantly, why they should be doing them.

No one can afford to let the competition get ahead of them, and in the current competitive environment, that means making sure that you’re patching up all your website’s potential weak spots, from simplifying to improving onsite marketing and SEO, here are five things to help refine and upgrade your e-commerce website in 2021 that you should be doing right now.

1. Refined Navigation

            Increasingly, this isn’t such an issue, but there was a period where people seemed to forget the importance of simplicity and clarity. While your website might be your shop front, it doesn’t need to be Ikea. There shouldn’t be one functional route through it, and the rest be a total maze. You want customers to be able to use it easily. Simple, refined navigation is vital.

2. Calls to Action Throughout Your E-Commerce Website in 2021

            Once again, it’s all about making it extremely clear to the customer what you want them to be doing. If someone perusing your e-commerce website is at all unsure about what you expect, need and want from them, your chance of actually getting that outcome drops. Calls to action are an easy thing to add as well. There’s plenty of guides to doing them well, but the simple idea is just something along the lines of “give us a call today and we’ll make sure we solve your problem ASAP”. Straightforward!

3. Testimonials and Team Pages

            In short, humanise your e-commerce website in 2021. You want your customers to be seeing that you’re a bunch of like-minded, motivated people with real expertise in your business field. Not a shady website with little to no real link to the real world. Therefore, testimonials and team pages are a great way to go about this. As well as links to social media pages and plenty of professional photographs throughout.

4. Organic and Paid Marketing and SEO

            In marketing your e-commerce website in 2021, it pays to utilise a strategic and combined approach. You want the slow gains and traction of organic SEO and marketing. But combined fully with the more expensive but instantaneous results of paid marketing. Therefore balancing the two is vital to a successful ongoing campaign.

5. Internal Linking Throughout Your E-Commerce Website in 2021

            Essentially, you want all the pages of your website to be selling the other pages of your e-commerce website in 2021. This is a really easy way to boost overall performance. Therefore, if you’ve got one page predominantly selling one product or service. Make sure it links to a page selling a similar product. Same goes for all pages, a couple of links from each page goes a long way.