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4 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Web Design

You might not be surprised to hear that up to 65% of the population are classified as visual learners. This means that they retain information most effectively when it is accompanied by a visual stimulation. When you’re thinking through your web design and the content that you want to share on your website it is well worth thinking through ways in which you will make your site both visually pleasing and easy for visual learners to find and retain key information about you and your business.

Here are 4 easy ways in which you might like to do this:

1. Photography

The quickest and easiest way to help visual people connect with your website design is by using photography. You might like to ensure that each page of your site has at least one photograph which is directly connected to the content that you are sharing. These can be sourced online or in-house; the primary goal is helping people work out what you’re trying to explain as simply as you possibly can.

2. Typography

You might be surprised to hear that the way in which you use text on your website will have a significant impact on visual learners. Breaking up your content by using subheadings, bold and italic will help site visitors process information more easily. A large block of text can be intimidating and unattractive!

It’s also worth stating that typography is a key part of a successful branding strategy. Your customers will start to identify certain fonts and uses of text with your company, firmly ‘etching’ your products and services in their minds.

3. Video

Video is an extraordinarily powerful medium. The capacity to embed from Vimeo or Youtube makes it easier than ever to share video content on your website. Using a great ‘thumbnail’ or ‘screenshot’ will also help your video give personality and depth to your web design.

If you’re able to shoot a video it will give an unparalleled sense of personality to your website, and help site visitors connect more easily with your company. It also blurs the distinction between more corporate websites and the social media platforms that we use every day. If your website design includes a video function your customers won’t be able to resist checking out what you’re producing.

4. Infographics

An infographic is a combination of images and words that helps explain a phenomenon, principle or process in a simple, easy-to-follow way. Here is a great example mapping the history of photography and the way in which our interaction with the camera has changed over the past century.

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