4 Changes Coming With the iPhone 12 – From Functionality to Web Design

1st November 2020


4 Changes Coming With the iPhone 12 – From Functionality to Web Design

With the impending release of the iPhone 12, coming to stores in the UK Friday, November 13th, are you thinking about making the jump over to the new flagship model? iPhone 12 website design is going to change the ways in which we browse the net, majorly due to the new 5G features.

With each and every new phone release promising new levels of convenience, functionality and simplicity, the iPhone 12 is no different. This is exactly why we’ve put together a quick article running over five ways the iPhone 12 has made things even simpler for the user.

Magnetic MagSafe Technology

            Replacing the traditional USB cable and wall plug is Apple’s new MagSafe technology. Allowing you quickly and effectively charge your iPhone 12 wirelessly. Working similar to the Apple watch, MagSafe features a ring of magnets that allow you to snap the phone to the charger and allow for up to 18-watt charging, meaning you’re able to get about 50% charged in half an hour.

Potential Reverse Charging for Accessories

            Hidden away in Apple’s FCC filings for the iPhone 12, there’s some hint of potential reverse charging functions. Obviously, this is only hinted at. With Apple, you know there’s always going to be a range of new features they’re working towards. This essentially means that you’re going to be able to charge your wireless accessories directly from your new iPhone. While this technology isn’t yet up and running, it’s definitely something to look forward to in the near future.

No Wall Power Adapter?

            Another interesting move made by Apple alongside the release of the iPhone 12 is the loss of the wall power adapter and no headphones. This is an interesting move by Apple. The company claims it allows them to utilise smaller packaging. Making it easier to ship more phones in the same size container. This reduces their carbon footprint, as well as waste. It also necessitates the consumer to buy new headphones and a wall adapter for the USB 3 cable.

A cynical reader might interpret this as pure money-saving, profit-maximising manoeuvring. However, who doesn’t have USB wall adapters and headphones at this point? Maybe if we were a few generations earlier this would be a problem. This is the iPhone 12 we’re talking about though. These things have been around for a long while now.

Rumours of a Future Port-Less iPhone

We all remember the furore in 2016 when Apple removed the headphone jack. Chances are, with the MagSafe tech and other new elements, we’re going to see completely port-less iPhones in the next few years. Obviously, all we have right now are rumours and speculation. However, it’s not much of a logical leap to see that this is where things are headed. For now, the technological jumps in the iPhone 12 are substantial enough for most gadget enthusiasts.

Website Design iPhone 12

As far as website design iPhone 12 is concerned, this speedy new device, capable of 5G, is going to allow more and more people to utilise a more powerful form of online browsing. Mainly through harnessing the speed of 5G to access bigger, better, faster and more functional websites. As web designers, this makes for exciting new possibilities.