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4 2021 Trends Innovative Web Designers Need to Know

            When it comes to designing a great website, there’s plenty of things innovative web designers need to be thinking about. Design, functionality, marketing, purpose, the list is long. Being current and on-trend is always going to be high on that list as well, here are four of the biggest 2021 trends.

Innovative Web Designers Will Start Utilising Voice Search

            With voice search never having been more popular and commonplace, it stands to reason that in a couple of years, we’ve going to be seeing more and more innovative web designers start to make proper use of voice search and control techniques throughout web design. While this hasn’t quite taken off yet, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time, and it could also include other exciting tech like virtual reality and augmented reality.

Gentle, Tasteful Shades

            We’ve seen the neon, retro-futurist hues, we’ve seen the muted, old-timey browns and darker colours. Nowadays, it’s more about the gentler pastels and shades, minimising colour confusion, and utilising one or two major colours. Maybe one brighter option but keeping most tame and easy on the eye.

Dark Mode Lets Innovative Web Designers Flourish

Dark mode comes with a whole bunch of benefits. Some of the biggest players online have implemented a dark mode option on their sites and apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Not only does it look ultra-modern and sleek. It also helps design elements really pop and stand out, while reducing eye strain and even boosting battery life on mobile devices.

It’s no wonder it’s becoming increasingly popular for innovative web designers. We’ll probably see a lot more of it this year and into the next. Unlike many trends, simple, sleek and functional tends to stick around for a long while so this one could be here to stay.

Website and Page Loading Speed is Still Vital

            No surprises here, with more and more people browsing and more and more sites and apps to browse on. People need fast, reliable, and accessible websites that aren’t going to annoy them by taking an age to load up. Innovative web designers need to make sure a site is moving at full speed. Therefore guaranteeing you won’t be boosting your bounce rate unnecessarily and losing potential custom.

The fact is, the promise of the net has always been convenience. That’s never more true than when it comes to mobile browsing. Nobody has time to sit around waiting anymore. This is exactly why in 2021, innovative web designers need to be focusing on site speed more than ever.