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2011 predictions

Viziononline’s web and web technology predictions for 2011

As most people have now struggled through the first working week of the year (thankfully only 4 days long), it is time to start thinking about the year ahead. As a keen web and technology person – and not to mention web technology person! – Vizion thought it about time we looked at 2011 and made some predictions..

No surprise, that our first is the continued rise of tablet and similar styled devices for accessing web and media content. Its fairly easy to predict they won’t go away, but the key thing here is how they will shift and become more varied in their ‘form factors’. As well as pure tablets like the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, tablets will also morph with laptops and even desktops too, bringing touch sensitive elements to more traditional devices. We’ll also see more imaginative form factors too, like the dual touchscreen Kno we mentioned last time, plus the new Android 3.0 will fuel the rise of an exciting crop of new devices as well, easily beating Microsoft’s next mobile Windows platform..

3D TV to go nowhere fast.. Yup, controversial perhaps, but even with 3D glasses getting less of a pain to wear (smaller, lighter), few of us will really want to go down this route..not that manufacturers won’t try..

Unlikely devices to start interacting.. like your smartphone and your car, your househould items with the web, so you can check up on them, or control them remotely. Turn on lights, record tv, see how charged up your electric vehicle is, that sort of thing..

MS Kinect will beat Playstation Move.. and as more hackers get to grips with how Kinect can be used creatively (see previous posts) we’ll hopefully see web content being manipulated via hand and body movements too.

And lastly, “the cloud” will become the IT phrase we get most bored of by the end of the year!

All the best for the year ahead..